Aadhaar is a 12 digit unique identification number which is given to individuals in order to establish uniqueness of each person in India. It is issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). The number issued is random and does not base on religion, creed, caste or even geographical location. The number greatly helps in eliminating duplicate and fake identities in government and also private databases.

Aadhaar Card Update and Aadhaar Card Correction

The following are the information that one can Aadhaar Card Update or Aadhaar Card Correction on their aadhaar card. They include: Name, Gender, Date of Birth, Address and Mobile Number. The update or correction of the card can be done either online where one needs to have a registered mobile number. It can also be done offline by post or physically visiting the nearest Aadhaar center.

Update Aadhaar Card or Correction Aadhaar card details online

In order for one to update their Aadhaar card details online, it is mandatory to have a registered mobile number. This will enable you receive a One Time Password (OTP) that will make it possible to proceed.

Step 1
The first thing that one needs to do is to visit Aadhaar Self Service Update Portal (https://ssup.uidai.gov.in/web/guest/ssup-home). After visiting the portal, enter your Aadhaar Number in the textbox and copy the captcha text shown below. Click on Send OTP. After a short time you will receive One Time Password (OTP) on your phone. Enter the OTP and click on login.

Step 2
The second step will be to choose the fields you want to Aadhaar Card Update or Aadhaar Card Correction. One can select more than one field and click where it has been written Submit.

Step 3
Then you should fill the selected field or fields with current details both in English and local language. The local language should be the one used at the enrolment time and appears on the Aadhaar letter.

Step 4
Ensure that you verify your data in both English and the local language. The Date of Birth will not appear in the local language. Once you are satisfied that the information you have entered is correct, click the where it has been written Proceed.

Step 5
The next step is to upload the documents which support the updated or corrected data. The document can be in the form of PDF or an image. The maximum size of the document should not be more than 2MB. For each of the document select its type (Passport, Certificate, PAN Card).Then click on Choose file, a file will appear. Select the document you are uploading then click Submit.

Step 6
You will be able to see an Update Request Complete Page which states that your update has been submitted successfully. You will then receive a confirmation message on your phone together with your update number.
In order to track Aadhaar Card Update or Aadhaar Card Correction of your aadhaar card details request status using your Aadhaar number and Update Request Number (URN).

Updating Aadhaar card details through post (offline)

One can Aadhaar Card Update or Aadhaar Card Correction the details on their aadhaar card by sending the request form through post.

  1. First one needs to fill in the complete Aadhaar Data update/correction form and sign off.
  2. Depending on the field that you need to update, attach self signed supporting documents. Ensure that your Aadhaar number is captured on all the copies of the documents.

  1. Review the information you have entered to ensure it is correct and in both English and local language.
  2. Seal the envelope and mark it as ‘Aadhaar Card update/correction’ on top.
  3. Send the form with all the supporting documents to the given address.
  4. You will receive an update request receipt.


One can also visit an Aadhaar enrolment center where he/she will be guided on what to do to update/correct their Aadhaar Card details.